Sunday, January 10, 2010



When I worked at the Coroner's Court, I remember reading about a guy who had a whole lot of potatoes that had started to shoot and so he broke off all the shoots and stir-fried them.

May he rest in peace.

There is a toxic alkaloid called Solanine that is produced by shooting potatoes. It is very high in the shoots and is also high in the potato when it has a green skin.

This calls into question the ethics of supermarkets who sell potatoes in pink plastic bags, or under pink lighting, as it makes the green potatoes look brown.

Until you get them home.


  1. Those little critters look like the Clangers.

  2. And don't potatoes have arsenic in them? Off to check my spuds...

  3. Great info...I knew about the green tinge but not about the eyes/shoots...can't imagine anyone wanting to stir fry them, though!


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