Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'll drink to that!


You are not going to want to read this: chocolate cannot be relied upon as a source of antioxidants to boost cardiovascular health. But it gets worse: drinking coffee and red wine in the hope it will prevent heart disease doesn't work either.

- The Age Newspaper.
Why am I not surprised?

Have I not said from day one (of this blog) that there are no silver bullets?

Note: I do have to be careful - the reports in the media are exactly what I expected to be the case so the temptation to be uncritical is high.

But really why should anything be a silver bullet? We, as animals, have evolved along with the plants. Some we have leant to eat safely. Some we have learnt will kill us and should be avoided. True, there may be some plants which have beneficial properties but it is pure fluke and certainly there is no reason to think that, if a little is beneficial, a lot will be more so.

Even red wine.


  1. Damn - and here was me thinking lard sandwiches were the key to good health and a long life.

  2. As I relax on the sofa with my slab of chocolate, I knew I shouldn't have come online


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