Monday, December 13, 2010

Of camels and straws and chocolate


Really, the picture is just there because it is pretty.

This post has nothing to do about camels, a little to do about straws of the sort that worry camels but nothing to do with drinking straws but a little to do with chocolate.

But most to do with dieting and perspective.

Many moons ago we had a receptionist who seemed, like most women, to be on a permanent diet. To reward herself for her calorific restraint she treated herself to a 50g (2oz) chocolate bar every day as part of her lunch.

50g of chocolate. Every day.

Doesn't seem much until you multiply by 365.

That's over 18 kilograms of chocolate a year. Nearly 40 pounds of fat and sugar a year.

Surely her diet would do better if she didn't eat the chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe she was on the diet solely so she could eat the chocolate?
    Still, that made me guffaw. Thanks! :)


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