Saturday, January 14, 2012

Potomatatoes & Acidity

Anonymous asked "Do totatoes can acidity in the body?"

Well, that is not an easy question to answer, as such.

Are we talking potatoes or tomatoes?
Are we talking cancel or cause?

Never mind - I'm guessing that it relates to the much discredited acid-alkaline diet that lingers in the fringe diet circles.   In essence, it proposes that foods are good or bad depending on the pH of a solution of the ash of the food.  The notion that the acidity or alkalinity of the ash of a food will influence the impact that the food has on your body is just plain weird.

There is no scientific data to support the theory.  There is not even a coherent theory.

Your stomach is already 100-1000 times more acidic than a tomato or a potato, so any native acidity will have a negligible impact.  No foods are natively alkaline.

As you body never reduces food to its ash, the properties of the ash are immaterial to human nutrition.

Eat a varied, balanced diet.


  1. You say 'Tomartoes',
    I say 'Tomaitoes',
    Anonymous says 'Totatoes'...

    I'm sure there's a song in there, somewhere...

  2. Good points thanks Lee. I never did get that old food combining diet when I was taught that my tummy was basically full of strong acid (hydrochloric?). Thank goodness for mucous linings.

    But there is a poison in the potato I believe, called Solanin or something, part of the nightshade group of plants. Above certain levels it appears to be aone of my migraine triggers. I also read that our bodies lock away such substances in fatty tissue, so I wonder if thats why too many spuds make me put on weight. Then again I may not exercise enough when stuffing carbs!

  3. Yes, solanine is an alkaloid found in potatoes, near the skin.

    I doubt it would store in fatty tissues. I wondered once whether someone could kill themselves by dieting and releasing all the fat stored toxins (pesticides etc) into their system. No so.

  4. "No foods are natively alkaline." - Interesting. I never thought about it. Is that perhaps the realm of spices?

  5. Spices are generally neutral.


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